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iPhone Stuck On "No Service," or "Searching..."

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If you're iPhone is stuck on "No Service" or "Searching..." you may want to try a couple of things that I did.

Requirements: WiFi (internet).

1. Turn airplane mode on for 5-10 seconds then turn it off.
2. If step one didn't work, try disabling LTE on your phone, then see what happens.
3. If step one and two did nothing... Go to iTunes, back up your phone.
4. Now connect to your WiFi, and completely reset all settings from your phone (factory default). This will require you to have internet to connect to the apple server with your Apple ID.
5. Now once it's completely wiped, try putting your backup onto the phone.

I spent three days with no service, and then went to the Sprint store for two and a half hours today, to be hold that the antenna inside is broke because my phone is a little bent (known iPhone bending problem).

I already factory defaulted it, but that didn't work. I put the backup on there, and boom.... Problem solved.

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