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Lutron RadioRa2 Factory Default

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The PDF attached in this post will explain how to factory default RadioRa2 devices.

"When devices are shipped from the factory they are unaddressed and ready to be assigned to a
system. When a device is assigned to a system it is given a unique system address. To assign
an addressed device to a different system or to remove an addressed device from the system,
the device must be reset to its Factory Default Settings. To reset a device to Factory Default
Settings, follow the procedures described below.
Reset procedures are intentionally difficult to prevent devices from being accidentally returned
to Factory Default Settings. It may take several attempts to successfully reset devices until the
reset procedure becomes familiar. Refer to the Best Practices section at the end of the
Returning a device to its Factory Default Settings will remove the device from the system, and
return it to stand-alone local operation. To make the device part of a system again, address the
device using the system’s PC Programming Software or via simple walk-around programming
as described in the system’s Setup Guide or device’s installation instructions. Systems that
have been programmed using a PC-based Programming Utility will require the use of the PC
Programming Utility to re-address the device back to the system (manual, walk-around style
programming is not allowed on a PC programmed system)."

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